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The Restaurant Marketing World

In recent years the restaurant industry has seen a growth in online ordering. Most of these orders were 26% greater in size over typical walk-in or call-in orders. People love the ability to customize every piece of their order online. 


Aside from online ordering, the data you can gather from restaurant digital marketing is invaluable. Through restaurant marketing on various digital platforms, you can learn the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your customers. Align this data with localization and you have yourself a powerful restaurant marketing strategy that is a force to be reckoned with.


Why Do You Need SEO for Your Restaurant?

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Rank your restaurant higher on search engines in Austin with Rollingwood Marketing. The end goal for restaurant SEO is to make your restaurant rank above all competition on the search engine results. When you’re customers search “best pizza in town”, then your pizzeria can actually rank first on the search engine results with the proper restaurant SEO implemented. 


Drive quality traffic to your site. More traffic to your site generally means more customers in your restaurant. Now there is no direct correlation that we can show you on paper as it’s impossible track an actual person’s foot traffic with their computer cursor, but our restaurant clients have seen a significant increase in full tables once they implemented SEO for restaurants on their website. Additionally, with SEO for restaurants you know the quality of traffic being driven to your site is high because your site will rank for the keywords they are searching for that are closely aligned with the content your restaurant offers. 


Measurable results. SEO can be easily tracked for both your business and your competitors. Knowing what the competition is doing and optimizing to overcome them is one of the best ways to utilize the results your restaurant SEO reveals.

A Look at Restaurant Website Design

Your website serves as the hub of all online activity associated with your restaurant, so you want to make sure it is fine tuned and is visually appealing. The visual appearance for a restaurant web design is more important than it is for other industries. Your customer judges how tasty your food is before they even try it – solely based on the images on your site.


94% of consumers view your website and choose to trust your restaurant or reject you for a competitor solely based on how your website looks. Additionally, if users cannot easily find what they are looking for on your site, whether they are on mobile or desktop, they leave your site for a competitors within 10 to 20 seconds. We live in a fast paced world where people continuously expect instant gratification. Your restaurant website design should be the place where they receive that gratification.

restaurant website design austin


75% of potential clients searching for your services will not look beyond page one of the search engine results. Optimizing your campaigns for your target market and tailoring your outreach to your ideal customer is the best way to maximize your marketing budget.



Online marketing is now more competitive (and expensive!) than ever before. The old-fashioned SEO and paid ads tactics that worked last year are no longer cutting it. We invest heavily in research & development to stay ahead of the competition.



We are so confident that we can get your business the best marketing ROI possible that we guarantee our work. At any point during our time working together, if you are not completely satisfied with our results, you are free to move on. (No constrictive contracts!)

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